Foreldrepermisjonen - Vil gi familier et friere valg

KrF mener at en tvungen tredeling i foreldrepermisjonen gjør det vanskeligere for familier, og ønsker å endre på dette, slik at foreldrene selv kan velge hva de ønsker.
13. mars 2019


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jedy mark

Several years ago every child throughout their school year would be required to take part in physical education. This meant those horrible sit-ups, jump n jacks, push-ups, and yes running the gym floor. Every child had their day of complaining about gym. Most youth found no need for this to be part of school. Every teacher believed that it needed to be a part of the educational process. Either way it went every child that had gym would be ready to sit down and study better after gym. The mind would have cleared with some fresh air. As much as every child hated gym the parents knew that it was a requirement and they did what was expected of them. This had nothing to do with if they turned out good or bad. Today the children still have gym, but more and more schools are not requiring the children to spend as much time in gym as their parents used to spend.
Everyone is looking for some connection as to what the reason that our youth are starting to do those things that they are doing. The truth is we are looking in the complete wrong direction. If we wish to blame our youth’s behavior upon anything then lets us start to look at what is affecting them more throughout the main part of their live in a twenty-four hour period.
The family unit has more to blame on a child’s behavior such as playing ignition casino Canada not a combination of Gym and parents. To blame the conduct of the youth upon physical education in schools has to be the craziest thing that I have heard. We might rather blame the youth’s problems on msg, after all no other country is having as much trouble as we are having with our youth and they outlawed msg because of the effects upon the human mind causing adhd, autism and many other problems.
Parents need to open their minds up. If they are doing all that they can for their child and still are having problems then start opening up to searching and exploring other issues that affect your children daily. Physical Education is still in some schools so this means that those schools should have the best behaved students around. I am sure if you looked into this, those schools would still be having problems.
Like I said it is going to take more people that are concerned with the actions of teenagers to truly open their minds to the effects of msg. It really truly does affect the minds and that has a whole lot to why the other countries have outlawed this. It is in everything and that is why it has not been taken off the market. Our country would rather let it affect our children and place the blame upon Physical Education and Parenting.